Game and Event Management

Teams and Participants

  1. All students and staff will follow bus guidelines for out of town games. This includes sanitizing hands before entering the bus, and wearing a face covering while on the bus.
  2. Dressing areas for teams and officials will be sanitized prior to arrival.
  3. Before each contest, all staff members, officials, and event workers will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms.
  4. Water and other drinks will be provided for athletes and officials in disposable cups. No shared water bottles will be used.
  5. Press box and scoring areas will be sanitized prior to use. Access to these areas will be limited to essential workers.
  6. Participants will be separated from fans during entry and exit to the contest.
  7. Cheerleaders and band members will remain separate from participants and fans throughout the contest. Face coverings will be required for cheerleaders, and band members when not activity playing an instrument or cheering.
  8. Fans must maintain at least 10 feet of distance from band members while they are in the stands.

Spectators, Fans, and Media

  1. Signs will be posted stating any individuals who are confirmed to have, suspected of having, are experiencing symptoms of, or have been in close contact with an individual who has been confirmed to have COVID-19 should not enter the facility.
  2. Everyone will be required to wear a face covering.
  3. A maximum of 50% occupancy will be maintained in the facility.
  4. No students in middle school or elementary will be allowed to attend unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  5. Groups will maintain at least six feet of distance from other groups at all times. A group is defined as no more than 10 people including the members of the household and those who traveled together to the facility.
  6. Consecutive row seating will not be allowed.
  7. At least six feet of distance should be maintained between individuals in and around concession and bathroom facilities.
  8. Fans will not be allowed to gather at or near the fence separating the home stands from the playing surface at the football field. 
  9. Hand sanitizing stations will be located at each entrance, and concession area.

Concession Stands

  1. All workers will be required to wear face coverings.
  2. Condiments and flatware will be available on request, and only available in single use packets.
  3. Food service counters and areas will be cleaned and sanitized regularly.
  4. Contact between workers and patrons will be limited as much as possible. 

Game Tickets

1.       Season tickets will be offered for purchase prior to the start of the season. These tickets will be for varsity contest only. The number of season tickets available will be determined by subtracting the number of student tickets (band, cheer…), the number of district passes, and the number of staff passes issued, from 50% compacity of the home area of the stadium or gym.

2.       If 50% compacity is not reached through the sale of season tickets, game day tickets will be available for purchased at the gate until 50% compacity is reached.

3.       Crosbyton CISD will send vouchers to the opposing team to distribute to their fans prior to game day. These fans will present the voucher at the gate, and purchase a ticket for the event. The number of vouchers sent to the opposing team will be for 50% compacity of the visitor’s area.

4.       Sub-varsity tickets for football and JH/Freshman basketball will be sold at the gate on game day. Junior Varsity basketball tickets will follow the season ticket guidelines.