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District Innovation Plan

Download the Crosbyton CISD Plan here:

District of Innovation Plan

2018 – 2023

Crosbyton Consolidated Independent School District


Crosbyton Consolidated Independent School District

District of Innovation Plan

2018 – 2023


The 84th Texas Legislature passed House Bill 1842 in the spring of 2015, providing public school districts the opportunity to become Districts of Innovation. To be eligible, a school district must be rated as Meets Standard in the state accountability system, and adopt a five-year innovation plan.

Crosbyton CISD is utilizing this process in order to have more local control in certain areas. This will allow Crosbyton CISD to have some of the same local flexibility that public charter schools have always been allowed. We feel this is a great opportunity for our local district to tailor a plan based on the needs of our students and community.

Districts of Innovation may be exempt from state statutes to:

  • Take greater local control as the decision makers over the educational and instructional model for students;
  • Increase freedom and flexibility, with accountability, relative to state mandates that govern educational programming; and,
  • Increase empowerment and encourage innovative thinking.

This plan will be in effect for the 2018 - 2019 school year through the 2022 – 2023 school year. This plan may be amended at any time by the committee, with approval of the Board of Trustees.






Crosbyton CISD

District of Innovation Planning Committee


Member Name             District/Community Role

Shawn Mason                                     Superintendent

Glen Hill                                              Secondary Principal

Sharon West                                       Elementary Principal

Stacy Mason                                       District Counselor

Rick Jones                                          High School Teacher

Brittany Huseman                               CTE Teacher

Terri Davis                                          Middle School Teacher

Julia Berry                                           Elementary Teacher

Keily Longo                                         Elementary Teacher

Gloria Childers                                    Secondary Parent (High School)

Tammy Dunn                                      Secondary Parent (Middle School)

Victoria Salas                                     Elementary Parent














Crosbyton CISD

Board of Trustees


Member Name                                Board Position

Clifford Trull                                                  President

Kay Alley                                                 Vice-president

Jesse Salinas                                               Secretary

Bessie Morris                                                Member

Donna Arnold                                               Member

Frank Rodriguez                                          Member

Steve Henn                                                   Member




















Crosbyton CISD, in conjunction with the District of Innovation Committee, proposes the following flexibilities with the Texas Education Code to provide the best educational opportunities for students at Crosbyton CISD.


School Calendar –             TEC §25.0811 states a school district may not begin student                                    

                                             instruction before the 4th Monday of August. TEC §25.0812                          

                                             states a school district may not schedule the last day of                                 

                                              school for students for a school year before May 15th.


CCISD Proposal – The flexibility of a locally approved start date allows the district to

                               determine, on an annual basis what best meets the needs of

                               the students and local community.  The flexibility of this start date

                               also offers the following opportunities:


                                                      –  Balancing the number of semester days.

                                                     –  An early start date allows students an additional week of

                                                          instruction prior to state assessments.

                                                      – Creates flexibility for the district to pursue other calendar options

                                                            best suited for our identified populations.

                                                      – Provides a greater choice of Professional Development 



CCISD Guidelines –The district, in conjunction with the District Decision Making

                                Committee will determine, on an annual basis when the

                                 school year will begin and end.


Teacher Certification –     §21.003 states that a person may not be employed as a

                                            teacher, teacher intern, or teacher trainee unless the person

                                            holds an appropriate certification or permit issued by

                                            the state.


CCISD Proposal –   In order to best serve Crosbyton CISD students, 

                                decisions on certification will be handled locally. Based on

                                 local need, this exemption from teacher certification

                                 requirements will enable greater flexibility in staffing and will

                                 enrich applicant pools in specific areas of need. This

                                 exemption will allow industry-expert professionals to

                                 transition into the teaching profession in Career and

                                 Technology, and assist in staffing high need’s courses.

                                 Often, there are experienced certified teachers in our district,

                                 who could teach a course outside of their certification area

                                 due to their education, background, and/or experience. Local

                                 decisions outside of the state certification requirements

                                 would allow innovation and flexibility in scheduling to meet

                                 our student’s needs.


CCISD Guidelines – The campus principal may submit to the superintendent a

                                  request to allow a certified teacher to teach a subject and/or

                                  grade level out of his/her field. The principal must specify the reason

                                  for the request and document what credentials the certified teacher

                                  possesses, qualifying this individual to teach the subject. An

                                  individual with experience in a Career and Technology field

                                  may be eligible to teach a vocational skill or course.

                                  An individual may hold a teaching certification in another state

                                  for core areas or Career and Technology. An individual may

                                  have background, experience, skills, or work related/industry

                                  experience to work full-time or part- time in a designated area.

                                  The principal will submit a request to the superintendent for

                                   local certification. The principal must specify the reason for

                                   the request and document what credentials the individual

                                   possesses, qualifying this individual to teach the subject.

                                   (Special Ed and Bilingual teachers must maintain SBEC Certification)

   The superintendent will approve or deny the request for local



Teacher Contracts    –      TEC §21.401 requires a ten-month teacher contract to be 187 days.

TEC §21.102(b) requires teachers who have been employed in a Texas

school district for 5 of the previous 8 years to be placed on a

probationary contract not to exceed one year.


CCISD Proposal –   The first flexibility would reduce the teacher contract days from

                                 187 to a decreased length with no effect on teacher salaries.

                                 This would better align the teacher days to the 75,600 minutes

                                  required of students. This will increase the daily rate the district

                                  pays teachers, enhance teacher recruitment, and improve teacher



CCISD Guidelines - The district in conjunction with the District Decision Making

                                            Committee, will determine the number of days students will

                                             attend class, when they develop the District Calendar. The

                                             District will then determine the number of additional staff

                                             development days required for the CCISD staff.


CCISD Proposal -    The second request would allow the CCISD administration

                                 extended time for the evaluation and training of new

                                 personnel. CCISD is committed to developing an

                                 outstanding teaching staff, and this exemption will provide

                                 the district with the flexibility to work with new hires on their

                                 teaching skills by extending the 5 of 8 employee’s probation

                                 period up to three years.

CCISD Guidelines - The campus principal will submit to the superintendent a

                                            request that an employee that meets the 5 of 8 criteria be

                                            terminated, rehired on a probationary contract, or rehired on

                                            a term contract, prior to the superintendent presenting his

                                            recommendations for employment to the CCISD Board of



Inter-District Transfers - Under TEC§25.036, a district may choose to accept, as

                                          transfers, students who are not entitled to enroll in the

                                          district, and this code has been interpreted to require a

                                           transfer to be for a period of one school year.


            CCISD Proposal -    Crosbyton CISD maintains a transfer policy under FDA

                                             (Local). Students who transfer into the district under this

                                             policy are expected to follow the attendance requirements,

                                             rules, and regulations of the district. On rare occasions,

                                             student behavior warrants suspension, placement in a

                                             disciplinary alternative program, or expulsion. In addition,

                                             student attendance may fall below the TEA truancy

                                             standard. In these cases, and following reasonable

                                             corrective measures, Crosbyton CISD seeks exemption

                                             from the one-year transfer commitment.


            CCISD Guidelines - Nonresident students who have been accepted as inter-

                                             district transfer students may have such transfer status

                                             revoked by the superintendent at any time during the year,

                                             if the student is assigned discipline consequences of

                                             suspension, placement in a disciplinary alternative program,

                                             or expulsion. In addition, students not meeting the State’s

                                             90% attendance standard, may also be subject to immediate

                                             revocation of their transfer status.